Personal Risk Insurance

A successful financial future relies on you building assets and generating income.

But you can’t control the life events that can impact these, and when this happens the impact to you and your family can be devastating, so it makes sense to consider your options.

What would happen to your plans if you were suddenly unable to work?

What would happen to your assets and financial situation if the worst were to happen?

Do you know how much insurance you need or hold?

Do you understand what insurances are available?

What insurances may be needed to protect your family and/or your assets?

We can help you understand your needs based on your situation and goals. We can then provide you options, all designed to protect you, your assets and the ones you love without impacting the ability to achieve your goals.

Life Insurance

When it comes to your assets, there’s none bigger than your life. Life Insurance provides cover to take care of your loved ones if the worst was to happen to you. Generally speaking, Life Insurance pays out a lump sum amount in the event of death. Your family can use this to pay off your mortgage, cover ongoing living expenses and invest it for future expenses.

Trauma & Critical Illness Cover

Trauma Insurance provides a lump sum amount on the diagnosis, or occurrence, of one of a list of specific injuries and illnesses such as heart attack, cancer, or stroke.

Did you know? You have a one in three chance of suffering a major illness between the ages of 30 and 64.

Trauma & Critical Illness Insurance relieves the financial burden a serious illness can cause. The proceeds can be used for anything you choose and can offset expensive medical bills and provide additional funds to complement Income Protection payments whilst you recover.

How can we help you?

We work in partnership with you to advise, protect and grow your wealth with financial strategies tailored to help you secure your financial future.

With monthly progress monitoring, we are there to keep you on track for success and help navigate you towards achieving your idea of richer living.


“To realise that one can spend these years confidently, knowing that one’s funds are managed and monitored by a trusted organisation within a relationship that recognises and adjusts to my personal needs is so important.”

Peter – Nestworth client for 12 years

“I have no hesitation in recommending Nestworth to anyone who is looking to bring some security and balance to their financial situation or improve where they are at.”

Jerry – Nestworth client for 23 years

“My advisers expertise has been so valuable in an area I clearly do not understand, and he takes great care and time to explain things in a way that I can understand.”

Leanne – Nestworth client for 3 years

“We have been with the team for approximately 30 years, riding through some tough times on the back of other guidance. We now enjoy a fabulous relationship with Matthew and enter post-retirement planning with a great sense of confidence and optimism.”

Dallas & Julie – Nestworth client for 30 years

“We have been with the team ever since the company started nearly 20 years ago and have enormous confidence in the service and advice provided to us over this period.”

Ian & Karen – Nestworth client for 19 years

“We have always found the service to be professional and undertaken with timeliness.”

Brian & Rita – 4 years

“I would recommend this team to anyone looking for financial planning services.”

John – Nestworth client for 27 years

“The team have taken all of the financial stress off my shoulders and are always a pleasure to talk to.”

Kelli – Nestworth client for 6 years

“The advice and strategy we received from them has been outstanding and not only that, we created a trust relationship throughout the years.”

Jake & Anna – Nestworth client for 12 years

Frequently asked question

We agree!  A lot has changed with personal insurances over the past few years, so we recommend a full review of your cover.  You may find you can get the same cover for smaller premiums, or even that you have cover you don’t need.  If you require increased cover to protect your family, your Nestworth financial strategist will advise the most cost-effective way of attaining this.